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Monday, September 04, 2006

Five Things to Eat Before You Die

I have been "tagged" by to participate in The Food Blogger's Guide to the Globe project of compiling a list of things to eat before you die. Looking at the list will just start to make your mouth water and become nostalgic about foods that you have tried and the memories they evoke. As I started thinking about the foods that really have had a special impact on my life or just really make me want them right then and there, I realized that it is quite hard to pick the top five that matter most. Here is my attempt at a list but I am sure that someone could remind me of something or suggest something that would make my list change. This is why I love food so much...not only is it utilitarian but it is such an important part of culture, family, memories, celebrations, travel, and so many other things that make life great!

1. Lombardi's , Pepperoni, Sausage, and Meatball Pizza, NYC

On a vacation with my husband to NYC we read that Lombardi's was the best pizza in the city and decided we had to make a trip to Little Italy to try it. We were on a quest while we were there to find the absolute best pizza we could find. When we found Lombardi's on Spring St. near Mulberry we knew this place was special. It is so tiny that you can barely walk between the tables and it is the first pizzeria in the United States. We tasted the pizza and were in love. It was loaded with pepperoni and sausage and the meatballs were actually meatballs cut in half. The crust was perfect and cooked in a coal oven to perfection. We had to go back twice while we were on our short four day trip. I still crave it today and cannot wait to go back.

2. Inboden's Meat Market Bratwurst, DeKalb, IL

My father's family opened a meat market over 40 years ago in a little town outside of Chicago. This family owned business has grown and grown and carries the absolute best meat you can find. There award winning bratwurst is absolutely the best I have every tasted. My uncle has the seasoning down pat and makes the most flavorful, juicy sausage that you can imagine. I love to have them on a toasted bun with sauteed onions and pickle relish.

3. Funnel Cake

Not much is better then sharing a funnel cake with the ones you love when on vacation or at a special event. My family is Disney World crazy and a trip would not be complete if we did not share a warm funnel cake. We do not need any toppings only powdered sugar. Eating a funnel cake is so worth the powdery mess you are when you are finished eating. Simple yet fantastic and I would miss it dearly if I could never have another.

4. 50's Primetime Cafe Fried Chicken Dinner

Speaking of Disney World, this restaurant seriously offers the best fried chicken I have ever had. It is fried to perfection...just crispy enough and so tender and juicy on the inside. It is a huge meal served with creamy mashed potatoes and excellent southern green beans. I have had this on several trips to Disney and on our honeymoon we ate this meal and my husband truly thought he had died and gone to heaven. FANTASTIC!

5. Banana Pudding

This is a recipe that I got from my mom and make regularly. Everyone who tries it absolutely loves it and I would hate to never have the chance to eat it again. It is my most requested dessert and when you live in the South it is a staple. The secret in this recipe is Eagle Brand Milk and leaves it extremely creamy. If you are my sister or my husband though you want your banana pudding without the bananas...crazy, huh?